If you are looking for a professional Floor Cleaning Service in Dhaka, then you are in the right place. We provide floor cleaning services near you and consist of highly experienced cleaners. We treat all requirements equally, regardless of size, scope, or difficulty. As such, we provide the same meticulous attention and professional approach to our floor cleaning services in Dhaka and the rest of Bangladesh. Our experience and superb quality of work have made us well-known within both commercial and domestic markets in Dhaka. We specialize in various aspects of floor maintenance. Our staff are fully trained in the latest technology and techniques available for floor polishing and restoration. Our experts carefully do the grouting, sealing, cleaning, and repair for the best outcomes because we use world-class, branded, famous liquids and detergents for cleaning jobs.

We Are Specialist In:
• Marble Polishing / Restoration
• Granite Polishing / Restoration
• Sandstone Polishing / Restoration
• Limestone Polishing / Restoration
• Terrazzo Polishing / Restoration
• Onyx Polishing / Restoration
• Slate Polishing / Restoration
• Man-made Stone/ Quartz Polishing / Restoration
• Timber Floor Polishing / Restoration
• Carpet Cleaning and Restoration
• Concrete Restoration
• Fountains Polishing / Restoration

Why did You Choose Us?

1. Our technicians are certified in the approved methods of cleaning and revitalizing commercial flooring.
2. We achieve the most accurate deep clean with our 4-step process: pre-spray, agitate, re-spray, and rinse.
3. We are the only nationally recognized service provider focusing 100% on commercial-only accounts.
4. Patent-pending heat management technology – the hottest water to maximize clean.
5. The powerful extraction system allows the carpet to dry within a few hours, not days.
6. We make contact within 24 hours after service to ensure satisfaction.
Our Floor cleaning service is not only about cleaning because part of the polishing procedure involves the identification of deep cuts and scratches. We can ensure your dull & yellow tile is shiny & white again. You can rely on us.