Are you searching for professional Bathroom or Toilet Cleaning Service in Dhaka? Call us: 01886611550. Do you want professional housekeepers to clean and disinfect your bathrooms? Well, leave the tension to us. We the best Cleaning Company in Dhaka and provide cleaning staff to do quality bathroom cleaning in your villa, apartment or office. Our cleaning staff are trained to complete bathroom and toilet cleaning services to an excellent standard. Our professional maids use different strategies and cleaning solutions for the basin, bathtub, toilet and other areas of your bathroom. We use specific chemicals which will not cause any harm to fixtures. Our Cleaning Teams work hard and we put every effort to measure up with your expectations.

Our Toilet/Bathroom Cleaning Service Include:

• Dusting & Cleaning all surfaces.
• Sterilizing the toilets.
• Scrubbing and cleaning the floor & wall tiles.
• Cleaning the light fittings inside the toilet.
• Sterilizing the shower & bath, inside & out.
• Removing the blockages in shower heads.
• Cleaning all mirrors & fixtures.
• Using special cleaning materials for removing stubborn stains.
• Sterilizing & Shining your sinks.
• Vacuuming & Moping the floors.
• Emptying the trash.

Cleaning tools We Used:

-Toilet Brush
-Disposable Wipes or Disinfectant Cleaner and Sponge
– Multi-Surface Cleaner and Lint-Free Rag
-Rubber Gloves
-Scrub Brush
-Toilet Bowl Brush
-Spray bottle
-Paper towels, microfiber cloths
-Anti-bacterial wipes
-Hard-water cleaner.

Some Popular Spray and Scrub Cleaners That We Used:

1. Soft Scrub
2. Lysol
3. Clorox
4. X-14
5. Arm & Hammer
6. Formula 409
7. Grainger Choice
8. Blue laser
9. Magic
10.True Green Blitz.

We are offering help in the residential bathroom cleaning with our professional maids in Dhaka who know how to clean your bathroom with an adept approach. So, don’t hesitate to call us or Visit our website: Cleaning Service Dhaka

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