High Rise Building Window Glass Cleaning Service Dhaka

We provide professional services for the cleaning, installing, and painting the exterior glass, ACP, and walls of highrise buildings and skyscrapers in Dhaka. Our team of professionals boasts extensive experience in cleaning, painting, and external installations on highrise structures. Equipped with state-of-the-art hanging equipment, we ensure your projects are completed satisfactorily with efficiency and modern precision.

We Provide High Rise Building Window Glass Cleaning Services for:

• Office Buildings

• Condominiums

• Apartment Buildings

• Shopping centers

• Real Estate Company Buildings

• Bank Building

• Hotel and Restaurant Building

• School, College, and University

• Government Building

• Mosques

• Hospital Building

Our Work Procedure:

1. Pre-Cleaning Windows:

– Clean stubborn stains.

– Remove stickers and decals.

– Remove and clean the screens.

– Rinse away dirt and grime from outside windows.

– Vacuum or dust inside windows.

2. Cleaning Inside and Outside Windows:

– Gather your supplies and tools.

– Make your cleaning solution.

– Clean the windows.

– Wipe the windows dry.

– Wipe up the excess water.

Why Choose Us for Your Highrise Building Cleaning?

1. Fully insured and bonded.

2. Over nine years of experience in window cleaning, pressure washing, and gutter cleaning.

3. We clean screens and sills.

4. We address any customer concerns immediately.

5. Satisfaction Guaranteed.