Are you searching for professional vertical blind cleaning service in Dhaka? Then you are in right place. With 10 years of experience we are the best cleaning service in Bangladesh. We offer an expert service to help look after your precious window coverings and more in all parts of Dhaka city. Our blind cleaning & blind repair services are carried out by professionals who are fully trained and very reliable. As professional blind cleaners we understand the value of your blinds to your home or business. We come to you, take your blinds down and use a state of the art Ultrasonic technology. You’ll be amazed how the condition of your blinds can affect the look of an entire room. With our help, homes and businesses can avoid the high costs that come with completely replacing their blinds. Using the ultrasonic cleaning method, your blinds will be returned fresh and sparkling clean without harsh effects on the environment. We gently remove most stubborn stains and can effectively get rid of nicotine, mold, food stains and much more and replace any damaged slats as required. We are a name you can trust for high quality services at an affordable price in Bangladesh.

Table of Contents:

• Fabric Blind Considerations.
• Dusting Vertical Blinds.
• Quick (Dry) Cleaning for Vertical Blinds.
• Washing Vertical Blinds.
• Smoke Residue.
• Removing and Reinstalling Vertical Blinds.
• Additional Tips and Advice.

List of the Blinds That We Clean:

– Custom.
– Window Treatments.
– Aluminum Blinds.
– Horizontal Blinds.
– Mini Blinds.
– Faux wood Blinds.
– Fabric Blinds.
– Cellular shades.
– Vignettes.
– Luminescent.
– Stock.
– Shutters.
– Shades.
– Wood Blinds.
– 2″ & 1″ Blinds.
– Pleated Shades.
– Drapes.

Why We?

1. Same day service.
2. Tracks cleaned, checked and lubricated.
3. Repairs carried out as required.
4. Damaged slats replaced.
5. Flexible and fast turnarounds.
6. Environmental and biodegradable detergents.
7. Discounted long-term contracts.

If you would like more information on our franchise, or wish to book vertical blind repairs or cleaning, please get in touch with us today. We’re happy to supply customers with a competitive quote or discuss franchise opportunities to interested parties.

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