Are you searching for professional Window Cleaning Service In Dhaka? We are here to help you. We provide home or office window cleaning service in all parts of Dhaka city.Throughout the years, we have built a long list of satisfied customers by going beyond client expectations and producing an undeniable clean every single time. We offer residential and commercial window cleaning, with very high standards of quality, reliability and being very competitively priced. We offer a comprehensive and efficient window cleaning solution directly imported from the UK. Our service offers a chemical-free clean which leaves windows completely blemish free. Regular tap water contains minerals that leave residue on glass after washing. However, our window cleaning solution uses ultra-pure water that has been through 5 individual stages of filtration. Our certified rope access window cleaning team can wash the windows high up on your building safely, efficiently and cost effectively. We don’t just wipe your windows, we wash windows and the frames. We will help you create the most shining of windows, one which will gleam in the sunlight, and yet it is very transparent and let the light pass, and with our cleaners, you will get the best window cleaning services in Dhaka.

We Provide Window Cleaning Services for:

• Office Buildings
• Condominiums
• Apartment Buildings
• Shopping centers
• Real Estate Company Buildings
• Bank Building
• Hotel and Restaurant Building
• School, College, and University
• Government Building
• Mosques
• Hospital Building

Our Work Procedure:

1. Pre-Cleaning Windows:
– Clean stubborn stains.
– Remove stickers and decals.
– Remove and clean the screens.
– Rinse away dirt and grime from outside windows.
– Vacuum or dust inside windows.
2. Cleaning Inside and Outside Windows:
– Gather your supplies and tools.
– Make your cleaning solution.
– Clean the windows.
– Wipe the windows dry.
– Wipe up the excess water.

Why People Talk About Us:

1. Fully insured and bonded.
2. Over 9 years experience in window cleaning, pressure washing and gutter cleaning.
3. We clean screens and sills.
4. We address any customer concerns immediately.
5. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

From residential properties to large commercial premises, our dedicated window cleaning technicians can provide you with an efficient and completely blemish free service. So, you can rely on us. Customers satisfaction is our ultimate success.

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