Are you looking for Water Tank Cleaning Professionals in Dhaka? Call us: 01886611550. With 10 years of experience within the cleaning sector, we provide water tank cleaning services in Dhaka for a number of clients. We know, water is the most important liquid to sustain life on this planet. We use water in every sphere of life like drinking, bathing etc. So it becomes more important to store this water in a clean and hygienic environment. We offer full service & maintenance packages for all types of water storage tanks, including consultation on preventative maintenance & repairs, heavy or light duty cleaning and sterilization. Our team of experts will make sure your tank cleaned and ensuring that your family is being provided with safe and clean water. You can find out how to remove clutter in your home, by clicking on the link here!  Our staff is highly trained to provide the best cleaning services keeping in mind the safety and environmental aspects of the work. Our 6 stage cleaning process has been developed through research and development, which are safe, effective and Eco-friendly.

Our Water Reservoir Cleaning Services Include:

• Mechanised Dewatering.
• Sludge Removal.
• High-Pressure Cleaning.
• Vacuum Cleaning.
• Anti-bacterial Spray.
• UV Radiation.
• Chemical cleaning.
• Frac tank cleaning.
• Underground storage tank cleaning.
• Plant maintenance cleaning applications.

Oil field and Petro-Chemical Companies:

• Tank cleaning.
• Carbon and clay, filter and catalyst replacement.
• Cleaning of corroded and clogged pipelines.
• Marine vessels – tank cleaning offshore jobs and onshore jobs.
• Tank Cleaning (oil storage tanks, bilge water tanks, ballast tanks).
• Removal and disposal of sludge.
• Oil Waste disposal.
• Spillage cleaning.

Hotels and Residential Buildings:

• Cleaning of tanks and pipelines.

Industrial units and Workshops:

• Cleaning oil separator
• Cleaning Liquid Industrial Waste Holding Tanks (Trade Waste)

Support Services for tank cleaning:

• Foam pourer testing.
• Waste cement and other powder type material – removal and replacement.
• Low viscosity slurry, solid sludge and liquid sludge removal.
• Cleaning wash water recycling system filter elements for auto car washes.
• Replacing fasteners, gaskets and stud bolts.
• Neutralizing chemical storage tanks.

Why We?

– Clean in less time
– Use less water
– Low cost to maintain
– Quicker job turnaround
– Reduce plant downtime
– Decrease effluent and disposal costs
– Minimize confined space entry

We are ensuring Quality and standard service through our fully trained operators & updated machinery and equipment. You cab rely on us. We are committed to providing you the best services.

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